Casino credit is a way for players to have money available to gamble without the need to bring cash with them. The casino issues a marker which works similar to an interest-free line of credit or more like a short-term loan. When a player is done gambling they are expected to pay back the amount they borrowed from their casino credit line. If a patron fails to do so, the casino will attempt to collect the amount due from the bank account provided on their credit application.

The process of obtaining casino credit is fairly simple. The casino will run a credit report via one of the industry’s leading reporting services (Central Credit, Trans Union, Equifax) and then decide how much they will allow a patron to borrow based on the results of the check. The casino will also take into consideration the amount of outstanding markers from other casinos as well as their own past history with a patron’s credit behavior.

What is the minimum credit score required for a casino line of credit? 

The credit department at a casino will run a credit report to determine the risk level of each potential patron. In most cases, a patron with an excellent credit rating will be allowed to borrow $10,000 or more with little or no trouble. On the other hand, a person who has a poor credit rating will be restricted to a lower borrowing limit

Before a patron can get casino credit they must fill out a credit application and agree to release financial information to the casino. Some players are more reluctant to share this type of data than others. Video game slot online malaysia players for instance are used to filling out W2-G forms but many table game players prefer to remain anonymous and do not want to give out their personal information.

If a player does not pay off their casino marker within the required time frame they will be reported to a credit bureau. This can negatively impact their ability to obtain a loan in the future. The days when casinos would send goons after players for not paying off their markers are long gone but it is still illegal to fail to pay a casino debt.

While the credit process varies from casino to casino, most will ask for the following information from applicants for their line of credit: Name and address, social security number, date of birth, and what type of card they wish to use. In some instances the casino may ask for a copy of a driver’s license or passport. This is to help them confirm the identity of the applicant. If a patron does not provide this information they can be denied access to their line of credit or even banned from the property. Casinos may also charge a fee to cover the cost of issuing a credit card or bank line of credit. A credit application is a great way for a casino to keep track of its patrons and protect against irresponsible gaming.

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